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Rita banor för hoppning

Acuro – ett bättre sätt

Ett bra program speciellt för att

rita hoppbanor

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Tydliga skisser i rätt skala

Med Acuro jobbar du effektivare och förbättrar dina möjligheter till bra resultat.

Enda progammet du behöver

# Enkelt att komma igång, lätt att använda
# Räknar ut maxtider
# Mäter avstånd och banlängder
# Designa egna hinder
# Tydliga utskrifter
# Bra support
# 3D skisser genom ett musklick.

Räknar ut maxtid och tillåten tid 


Ett inbyggt mätverktyg gör det lätt att mäta avstånd mellan hinder och olika punkter på banan. Mät väglängd och programmet räknar ut maxtid och tillåten tid. Du zoomar enkelt in/ut. Titta i närbild på detaljer eller tydlig överblick på hela banan.

Exakt skala

Allt du tar med på banan ritas i exakt skala. Du kan även bestämma hur långa bommar och hinder skall vara. Rita längdhinder med rätt mått.

Du kan till och med bestämma bomlängden på olika hinder.

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Färdiga hinder och färdiga exempel


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Oxrar, räcken, mur, vattengrav med mera.

Det finns några färdiga banor du kan utgå ifrån, gör det ännu lättare att komma igång.

Du kan också bygga egna hinder om du vill. Använd bommar, plankor, grindar. Bestäm höjd och längd, skapa snygga hinder för 3D. Behövs inte, men möjligheterna får du på köpet.

Draw and print at the show

You save all your drawings in a file.

When it is time to create a new class, you can use the previous one as a starting point. Just by drag and drop, you can easily move the obstacles into new positions, finding the right lines.

Next time you start you have all the obstacles and details ready for new designs.

With Acuro on your laptop, you can make your last changes and even make new course plans during the show. Save pdf-files to a memory stick and let the show office make the copies required.

You can have different prints for your assistants, for judges, speakers or media.

You can have 3d-images showing the obstacles and the arena. Acuro is the only program in the world with those features. It is a complete program for equestrian course planning.

Tip: PDF-writer/Preview

For print-outs to a file instead of paper, a PDF-writer will be helpful. A free writer we often use can be found at “Cute Pdf->”


You can have your course plans with text and information in any language.

Before printing, you can edit the headlines, subheads etc. and choose any text you want to appear on the course plan. 

The working language for Acuro is English, but you can translate the prints to whatever you want.

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User's Guide Easy to use

With Acuro you get a user’s guide. Acuro is easy to use and there is a very short learning curve.

Looking through the manual will help you to a very smooth start and you will create your course plans within minutes.


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Don’t just listen to us. Here are what people say about Acuro.

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3D design is an option

It is not necessary to consider the 3d features to draw a course plan, but you have all the possibilities as a bonus. No special skills are needed to produce good 3D-pictures, click and drag, and Acuro will do the job for you.

You can have your own designs. You can create good looking 3D sponsor jumps with logotypes and the right colours.

A 3D image of your course and/or the obstacles is a very good way to inform your assistants how you want 

Test, create and have fun.

When you are interested, there are the tools you need for creating and editing sponsor jumps and use customized obstacles in your 3D plans.

Acuro will give you all the plans you need. In traditional 2D and in 3D.  With the mouse, you can “walk the course” direct on your screen.

3D scenes at a click of a button

A real-time 3D scene based on the 2D drawing is generated at the click of a button

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269.00 EURO /  USD 297.00

Full version. One-time-payment.

Support for one year included.

Use credit card and/or PayPal for safe payment.
Order now and you can start with your first designs within minutes.

30-day Totally Risk-Free

If you are dissatisfied with the program for any reason, you will receive a full refund if you inform us within 30 days of your order.

The software license agreement entitles you to install and
activate the program on one (1) PC.

Frequently Asked Question

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Also for driving

For driving you have the corresponding features. You can find what you need for obstacle driving as well as for marathon.  Some ready-made obstacles and also parts to design precisely the obstacles you want.

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